Year 1 FMP week 9

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Year 1 FMP week 7

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This week you will start working on your FMP final portfolio and organize the production of your project as well. You will be sent a link to a Google drive document (FMP portfolio) that you will work on. This way I will be able to monitor the progress on your final FMP portfolio.

For a reference I am giving you an example of completed FMP year 1 portfolio to guide you through the process of completing your own document.

Here is the FMP Year 1 portfolio example:

Lucy Weller FMP portfolio final 

FMP portfolio 2018-2019:

FMP portfolio YEAR ONE 2018 -2019

Year 1 FMP week 6

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This week you should finalise your research (topic, target audience, skills and techniques and produce required pre production paperwork ) and start organizing your FMP portfolio.

Please follow this power point for guidance on what you need to complete as a part of the pre production for your project:

FMP week 6

This is the full pre production booklet where you will find all required paperwork for your individual project. Remember, every project is different therefore make sure to check with your tutor what paperwork you need to complete in preparation of  production:

FMP Pre production pack 2



From this week till your final deadline 24th of May 2019 you will be involved in completing your Final Major project.

All resources for the FMP will be uploaded on this blog post.

FMP online portfolio booklet: FMP Year 2 2018- 2019 portfolio document

FMP weakly progress tracker: FMP year 2 progress tracking booklet

FMP brief: FMP Brief year 2 Level 3

FMP pre production documentation ( this document contains all the documentation that you may need for pre production planning of your project. Not everything will be relevant to your project, so use it with accordance to what your personal project requires): FMP Pre production pack 2

FMP pitch guidance: You need to present your project ideas on Thursday 4th of April.   FMP pitch year 2

Examples of FMP students portfolios from previous years:

Examples of previous year 2 students FMP portfolios








Year 1 FMP week 1 and 2

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This week we are starting with the FMP or Final Major Project. You will have 9 college weeks to work on this project.


This is the timeline of the project:

FMP Timeline of the project

please follow the link for the guidance on the first task and examples of previous years student work.

FMP week 1 

This is FMP brief:

FMP Brief MP year 1

This is the Learning progress tracker document that you need to update every week:

FMP year 1 progress tracking booklet