Year 1 Week 6 2018

This is the check up list of the work we have done from the start of the term. Make sure all task are completed and your blog updated by the end of Friday.



Year 1 week 4 2018

This week we are continuing to work on developing your photography skills. We will be looking into the importance of framing in photography as well as getting a bit more technical and learning about aperture and shutter speed. Please check the power point slides to get the full understanding of what this week is about.

Project 1 Week 3 Photography session 1

Aperture and shutter speed:

Week 3 Photography Apperute and Shutter speed





Project 1 week 3 Year 2

This week you will finalise your magazine planning and prepare a power point presentation that will aid your magazine project presentation. The date for the presentation is next week Thursday when each one of you will be given individual time slot. Individual presentations will start from 10.30 am.

Please follow the guidance on PP slides carefully to ensure to answer the requirements of the project presentation fully.

Research task: This task is continuation from the last week.

project 1 week 3 EXTENTION

Presentation guidance Power Point:

Week 3 magazine pitch

Year 1 week 2 2018


As an extension to your Who am I task you are required to complete My Career action plan. This is an ongoing document that we will revisit several times during the course.

If you do not understand some of the questions please ask me:


This week you will be introduced to photography and will develop an understanding of different types of cameras as well as the main camera parts.  You will also conduct a research into the best deals of SLR cameras on the market.

introduction to photography


In today sessions you will use your research findings on D SLR cameras to create a magazine article (review of the best products/ cameras on the market) presented as  two page magazine spread. You will use In Design software to create your magazine spreads and Adobe Photoshop to create a magazine front cover. Please follow the PPP slides for guidance.

Week 2 Introduction to photography task 2