Year 1 Week 14 Christmas Project




This week is your final deadline for the Christmas project.

This is the checklist of all the work from the start of the academic year for project 1. You are expected to complete all or most of the tasks in order to achieve Project 1 ‘Skills Portfolio’ and to move onto the second project after Christmas.

Make sure all your work is posted on your blog.

project 1 individual tasks feedback sheet


Year 1 Week 12 and 13 Christmas Project


For the next two weeks you will be involved in the Christmas Charity appeal project.

Please follow the link below for full details of the assignment:

Christmas-charity-appeal-project-week-12 and 13 

This link will take you to a last year student work document. It will help you to understand how to approach each task of the project:


Please use those two Health and Safety and Production Schedule documents to plan your project: