Week 26 FMP week 6 (Pre production planning and skills experimentation)

This week you should complete all the required research on the topic of your FMP and its  target audience and concentrate on the pre production planning of your project.

The timeline of your project development should look like this:

Week 1 (19th of March):  Skills analysis and Who am I? task

Week 2 ( 26th March): Developing range of ideas for your FMP ( SWOT analysis of each idea).

Week 3 (16th April): Justifying the final idea for your FMP and preparation for the Pitch.

Week 4 (23rd April): Deliver a pitch and concentrate on the further topic research ( analyse existing similar media products to seek inspiration and ideas for the FMP)

Week 5 (30th April): Carry on further topic research ( extend research on books, articles, magazine and other non internet based resources), also conduct target audience research.

Week 6 (7th May): Concentrate on Pre production planning and skills and techniques research and development

Week 7 (14th May); Production week

Week 8 (21st May): Post production and Evaluation

Final submission 25th May 2018: FMP portfolio and Learner Progress tracker documents.

Week 9 (4th June) The end of the year show preparation.


Week 25 FMP week 4 and 5 Online FMP portfolio and pre- production documents

 Once you have delivered your FMP Pitch and completed your project proposal form, you need to start working on your FMP portfolio. This is the document that will be submitted to the examiner, therefore make sure all sections are covered and all questions answered in the portfolio. If you have any questions please ask.

This is the document: FMP portfolio YEAR ONE 2017 -2018

This is the guide how to use and regularly save your portfolio document:

How to use your FMP Project Portfolio

For pre production part please follow the booklet:

FMP Pre production pack 2

And lastly some examples of the last year students’ FMP portfolios to give you an idea what goes where and how to approach each question in the booklet and answer each task:

Madeleine Curtis EMP final portfolio

Kenny Fowler Unit 8 portfolio

Amber Martin Unit 8 assessment and feedback





Week 24 FMP Week 3

This week you will concentrate on preparing a FMP proposal pitch. Please follow the guidance on the link provided. You will deliver your pitch next Monday 23rd of April in order to move your FMP forward.  FMP week 34 b

Please read the FMP brief for full guidance on the project. At the end of the brief you will find the Proposal document. FMP Brief MP year 1


In addition to ABOVE  you need to complete weakly FMP project reflections. This is the document that you need to use and make sure to update it every week. 

 FMP year 1 progress tracking booklet 

Week 23 FMP week 2

If you have completed week 1 work ( please check week 22 FMP week 1 post) you are to move on with exploring range of ideas for your FMP. You should come up with at lest three ideas for your FMP and justify your final idea . The PPP is about how to approach week 2 task. You will also find examples of previous students work to help you with this week task.

Easter break:

During the Easter break you must start your project research. Again all explanations are within the PPP below and with examples of previous students work to guide you through your project research. If you still have any questions please ask me.

FMP week 2


Week 22 FMP week 1

This week we are starting with the FMP or Final Mayor Project. You will have eight college weeks to work on this project and two weeks over Easter break. The final deadline is week 21st of May  2018.

Please follow the link for the instructions on the first task and examples of previous years student work.

FMP week 1

Week 20 Review of the band

In this week you will find out how music reviews are written for different magazines and different type of  audience. You will find two to three existing music reviews to read and analyse to help you understand the way they are written and the structure they follow. You will then write your own review of the band you have been working with.

Please read the brief for full guidance on how to analyse reviews and how to structure and what to include in your own one.   Project 2 Band review taks