Week 26 FMP week 6 (Pre production planning and skills experimentation)

This week you should complete all the required research on the topic of your FMP and its  target audience and concentrate on the pre production planning of your project.

The timeline of your project development should look like this:

Week 1 (19th of March):  Skills analysis and Who am I? task

Week 2 ( 26th March): Developing range of ideas for your FMP ( SWOT analysis of each idea).

Week 3 (16th April): Justifying the final idea for your FMP and preparation for the Pitch.

Week 4 (23rd April): Deliver a pitch and concentrate on the further topic research ( analyse existing similar media products to seek inspiration and ideas for the FMP)

Week 5 (30th April): Carry on further topic research ( extend research on books, articles, magazine and other non internet based resources), also conduct target audience research.

Week 6 (7th May): Concentrate on Pre production planning and skills and techniques research and development

Week 7 (14th May); Production week

Week 8 (21st May): Post production and Evaluation

Final submission 25th May 2018: FMP portfolio and Learner Progress tracker documents.

Week 9 (4th June) The end of the year show preparation.


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